Check Out Our Brand New Pro Shop in Tyler, TX!

Check Out Our Brand New Pro Shop in Tyler, TX!

Need new bowling shoes to show off at your league championship? Looking for tools for your bowling ball upkeep? Our new and improved pro shop provides equipment and accessories to take your bowling game to the next level. Green Acres' Pro Shop keeps you from having to search around town for a shop that you can trust.

Stop by our store at Green Acres Bowl today!

Pro Shop Hours & Pricing

Fitting/Drilling: Call for Appointment

General Sales:
Tuesday-Friday: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturdays: By appointment only
Sunday-Monday: Closed

Drill new ball: $40 (Price subject to change for outside purchases)
Plug/Re-Drill ball: $60
Plug/Re-Drill fingers: $30
Plug/Re-Drill Thumb: $30
Plugging Only:
• Fingers: $10
• Thumb: $10
• Weight hole: $5
Finger inserts: $10 set ($5 each)
Thumb slug/sleeve: $10
Turbo and Vise Switch Grip®:
• Outer Sleeve: $15
• Inner w/ Slug: $20
Ball clean/polish: $5
Ball resurfacing: Price Quoted

(Plugging for repair subject to incur additional fee)
(All prices subject to sales tax)

Pro Shop Hours

Monday-Friday - 9am-5pm
Saturday - by appointment only (must be made 48 hrs in advance)
Sunday - closed